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wb 13.6.20 It's Friday! Happy holidays everyone! Have a super fun time with your family and friends! I'm off now, so GOOD BYE for now! It's been a real pleasure! 



Good morning! Rise and Shine! We are in our last week of term! Hooray! Have a really great week! Sadly, this is my last week at Grindleton  but I'm really looking forward to catching up with you all, at some point this week - at school, by Zoom or by phone! - to say farewell and all the best 


wb 6.7.20

Happy weekend everybody! How has your week been? I can't believe another week has flown by! I am very happy it has stopped raining as much this week as it has meant more time outdoors which we all like lots  Thank you Ruby for sending the picture of your very delicious looking blackcurrant cakes - yum yum! - made with blackcurrants she had picked herself. We have managed to pick some fruit too -  - gooseberries, blackcurrants and a few raspberries too! I have some very hungry slugs who have been munching the strawberries though

It has been wonderful to see the work sent in by Max - he has been working very hard using 'Canva' again to create some fantastic pieces of work. Take a look below. When I have a minute I think I would like to have a go on this website.

Welcome back everyone! Can you believe we have just 2 weeks left of this term? I hope you didn't get too soggy and had lots of fun dodging raindrops over the weekend. Unfortunately we have been dodging raindrops in our kitchen as the roof has been leaking! I have my fingers and toes doubled crossed for sunshine - lots and lots of it! I hope you are set for the new week and ready to do lots to make yourself proud


wb 29.6.20  Friday - Well done everyone in Class 3! I hope you have had a great week despite the miserable weather. Give yourselves a big pat on the back for all your hard work and efforts this week! I really enjoyed seeing the sunglasses made by the children who came to our Zoom meeting this week - fantastic! We just needed some sunshine...  One of the best things to do on a day like today is to get out for a refreshing walk in the rain! Get your wellies on and stomp in some puddles! Have fun!



Good morning and welcome to another week! I hope you are all fit and raring to go! What a miserable day :-(. Today the Joyful June calendar says "Take time to do something that makes you happy today!" be sure to do this today and why not do something that makes someone else happy too - this will definitely make you happy!!! 



WB 22.6.20

Happy Friday Class 3! I hope you have had lots of fun enjoying all this amazing sunshine this week and managed to find ways to keep cool yesterday! It was soooooooo hot! My poor tomato plants had all wilted in the greenhouse and needed an extra large drink to be revived! Well done for all your hard work once again this week - you are all super stars! It was lovely to see some new faces on Zoom this week too! I have a little challenge for you for next week's meeting. It will be on the home learning topic grid  Have a brilliant weekend everyone!


Hello sunshine! Did you know today is 'National Writing Day'. First Story #247 challenge has a fun activity to have a go at where you have to write a short story in 24 words starting with One day.... Scroll down for tips and ideas. Send me your short short story to share it  :-0 Have fun writing!


Welcome back everyone! I hope you all had a really great weekend on whatever exciting adventures you have been on! At the end of last week you completed 10 weeks of learning at home :-0 Well done to you all - keep up the fantastic work.  I am sure you are all growing and shining in so many different ways  It is not far to go until the summer hols 

Read this lovely poem

WB 15.6.20

Friday -Happy Friday everyone! We made it - have a super fun time!



Wednesday - How is your week going? I hope you haven't got too wet in any of the downpours! Here is some good news - Did you know that Michael Rosen is on the road to recovery now? (After being rather ill with the virus). Why not brighten your day by watching him perform one of his poems! No Breathing in class is one our favourites and These are the Hands is just brilliant. If you would like me to answer your quiz questions from your English task yesterday then please email them in! I love a quiz! Have a super fun day!


Monday - Wakey wakey rise and shine Class 3! We are halfway through June today and here we are at the start of a new week! I hope you had a great weekend with your families and perhaps friends too. We are going to do Joe Wicks later on in the day this week and go for an early morning walk to wake ourselves up everyday instead. What are you doing to keep active at home? Can you send an interesting/fun/creative photo to show me how you are keeping active? Remember, be kind, be determined and try your very best in all that you do


WB 8.6.20

Friday - Happy weekend everyone! Well done for all your hard work and efforts once again this week! I'm sure you are making your families proud  I am really hoping this miserable weather ends soon and we can have a weekend of sunshine. Have a super fun time



Wednesday - Will it be a wellie Wednesday? With all the rain at night I think you may need them if you go down to the woods today  I am amazed at how many fantastic resources there are on the internet at the moment. We may still be at home but how about trying something a little different this week? Let me know/send a picture  if you try something you haven't done before. I saw this event I think you may like  Nature live - volcanoes An event by the Natural History Museum on Friday where you can learn all about volcanoes.


Good Morning Monday! I hope you all had fun over the weekend with your families. Have you managed to meet up with anyone you haven't seen for a long time? Here we go into week 9 of learning at home. Remember to have a positive attitude and try your best in all that you do


WB 1.6.20

It's fantastic Friday! Hello weekend! I hope you've all had a good week and managed to get back into your home learning after having a week off   It was lovely to see those that could make it to our video chat on Wednesday. Let's do it again next week :0) I've just checked our 'Joyful June' calendar and for today it says, 'Smile and be friendly, even while you're social distancing'. Smiling is contagious - how many people can you make smile today? Have a fab weekend  Mrs Evans  :-):-)


Wednesday - Good morning! Not such a sunny one today but my very very dry garden will be happy today! I'm looking forward to seeing those of you that can make our video chat this morning  Be kind and caring and have a great day!


WB 18.5.20

Whoo-hoo! Happy Friday everyone! And Happy Half Term too! Well done for all your hard work and efforts over this half term. You made it to the holidays! Have a great break. I hope you have a lot of fun. Remember to send in photos of activities you have enjoyed so I can add them to this page. Also check the links page for ideas of activities over the break    Missing you all, Mrs Evans

Check out this super circuits work!

Thursday - Looking for something to do after school today? Try joining in with RobBiddulph's live session at 4pm He is trying to set a world record for the largest live drawing session  Go online and ask an adult to register for you 


Wednesday  - Whoo-hoo! The sun has come to join us again  How is your week going? What are you doing to be kind and helpful at home? This week we have been creating some science experiments at home with the help of a book called 'Geoerge's Marvellous Experiments'. Don't worry - we won't be feeding any Grandmas the potions and mixtures we make!

Please remember to keep up with your reading - stories are good for you!




 Monday - Good morning everyone! Can you believe that we are now starting week 7 of our home learning. I hope you enjoyed the weekend and having a little more freedom to get out and about. We had another lovely walk along the river but chose the Hodder instead of the Ribble for a change. We are becoming real expert stone skimmers! Have a great day


WB 11.5.20

Friday - Yes! It is Friday! Happy weekend everyone! What can you do today to make someone feel special? I hope you enjoy being able to get out and about more over the weekend. Remember to email in any photos you have of the activities you have been up to this week. And thank you to those of you who sent an email for the computing task! Bye for now 


Wednesday - Wakey wakey Wednesday! How are you all feeling this morning? I came across a website yesterday all about feeling happy and how you can help make others feel happy too. Do you remember our 'acts of kindness advent calendar before Christmas?' Well this is a little like that - take a look at this calendar and see if you can do something from it each day in May to help your happiness levels! Meaningful May Calendar. Today, can you do something to care for the natural world?   Have a great day!

Monday - Wakey-wakey rise and shine! I hope you all had a great long weekend and had a lovely time with your families in the sunshine. We are now into week four of this half term - just one more after this then it will be half term so keep trying your very best in all that you do, both with home learning and helping out around the house!  We will soon be able to get out and about for longer to do more exercise which we are all very excited about here. Have a great day, Mrs Evans



Here are some super pieces of war themed art - well done, I think they're absolutely fantastic  If you'd like to share any art work you have done  please email it in.

Wednesday - What another lovely day it is! Hope you are all shining today! We had fun completing some quizzes at yesterday. I think you may like to have a go too  If you were looking out the window at bedtime yesterday you will have seen the amazing moon rising - watch out again tonight/tomorrow as the full moon will be a super moon, which means it will appear larger than normal 


Good morning Monday! May the forth be with you  To all those Star Wars fans out there, have a great day celebrating your Star Wars heroes. Who is your all time favourite character?


I hope you are all well and have had a super weekend. We have a four day week this week - don't forget Friday is a Bank Holiday. Remember to try your best in all that you do and to be kind and helpful to others. What can you do to make someone feel special today? Have a super lovely day




Friday - Good Morning and ‘Happy Friday’ Class 3! A huge well done to you all for working at home through another week of lock down. Can you believe it is exactly 6 weeks since you were last at school – as long as the summer holidays! After all the amazing sunshine of April, I am worried it will rain every day in May – I hope I am wrong!


Friday night is movie night in our house. Have you watched any good films while we have been at home? We’re going to make some popcorn and settle down for a film this evening. I hope you all have a lovely weekend with your families. Take lots of care of each other, Mrs Evans

Super home learning from this week:

Wednesday  - How are you all getting along this week? What have you done that makes you proud? Don't forget to drop me an email if you would like to share pictures of something you have done that you are proud of. Your pictures always make me smile  Well, the sun has stopped shining for a bit but I'm sure it will return soon! We had a fun cycle in the rain yesterday tea time and are really enjoying getting out on our bikes for our daily exercise while the roads are so quiet. I even saw Max out walking as I flew past on my bike heading up to school yesterday! 


Monday - Hello everyone! Can you believe it - the sun is still shining! I hope you have all been keeping safe at home and enjoying getting out once a day for some exercise. At our house, we've had lots of fun in the garden this weekend on the 'slip and slide' which helped water the grass! We've also played croquet (it's amazing what we've found in the depths of our garden shed!), watched the tadpoles growing bigger in the pond and of course played even more cricket, football and not forgetting tig! What have you been doing to have fun keeping active? 



Friday - I hope everyone had a good week. Here are a selection of some of the photos that were sent in this week. There have been some wonderfully frightening monsters created - I wouldn't want to bump into any of them down a dark alley!

Super work on the Greeks:

These birthday cakes look delicious

Monday - I hope you all had a fantastic Easter holidays at home with your families and have been enjoying all the amazing weather we’ve had. Aren’t we so incredibly lucky to have had so much beautiful sunshine? I’ve managed to get plenty of gardening done and have thoroughly enjoyed spending time playing in the garden with my family. We’ve also enjoyed walking along the river as part of our daily exercise and even managed to keep up with Joe Wicks every day! If you’d like to share some photos of the fun activities you’ve been up to over the Easter break please drop me an email. All the information you need for your home learning for the new term is on our class pages. Remember to try your best in all that you do and be kind and helpful to those around you .


Fingers crossed for even more sunshine! Missing you all, Mrs Evans 


WB 30.3.20

Friday - Happy Easter holidays everyone! Well done for all your hard work over the last 2 weeks! I hope you are rewarded with a visit from the Easter bunny. Time for a break now! Have fun, be kind and helpful and look after your loved ones. Thanks for the picture of the Gregasuarus Emily! And well done for rescuing the toad Isla and Milo  

Bye for now, Mrs Evans xxx

Wednesday - I hope you and your families are all well and having a good week. Here are just a few of the photos so far this week  It's great to see you guys keeping so busy - I definitely need to put an order in for olive bread  Well done to everyone who had a go at the LBQ maths work today - brilliant! If you didn't get to do it don't worry as there will be plenty more tasks set after the holidays! 

Take care everyone! Mrs Evans 

Monday - Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a super weekend with your families. In my house we are very thankful for the amazing weather we've been having and have been very busy having fun in the garden. We've also been doing some drawing - have a look at the sausage dogs we learnt to draw with Rob Biddulph (link on class page):



Please check the class page for what work you need to do this week and be sure to email me if you have any questions.

Bye for now, Mrs Evans


WB 23.3.20

Thank you to everyone who sent in pictures this week. They have all really made me smile  I am really missing the Class 3 morning cheerfulness  - Joe Wicks just isn't quite the same! It has been wonderful to see what you have been up to at home. Please keep trying your best, be kind and caring and help out at home where you can  

Here are some of the fantastic activities you have been doing at home. I would really like to try some of those delicious cakes! Please continue to share your news. 

Take care, Mrs Evans xxx